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If you would like to contact your parish council. or councillors, then please or call or e:mail the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and the clerk will acknowledge your email or correspondence and will respond directly where possible.
Sometimes if it is a matter for the Councillors then it will generally be put to the next meeting of the Parish Council, we will let you know if this is the case and will respond as soon as possible. Meetings of the Parish Council generally take place on the first Wednesday of the month at 7.30pm at Boddington Village Hall.


Didier Ramsden


I was born in Belgium and moved to the UK in 1972 to Ashford in Kent. The start of my education was at the Norton Knatchbull Grammar School, and I am still learning, currently with the OU reading Mathematics and Statistics. My career is banking and finance, I have over 30 years experience  and I now work on large projects where particular expertise or skill is required not only from a finance perspective but also with an analytical bent.

My wife and I moved to Boddington in 2019, and we were immediately greeted with kindness, friendship and open arms by our neighbours, so as soon as I could find a way to repay that I grasped the opportunity.

I hope to be useful as a parish councillor, and in particular this year as chairman I look forward to meeting as many parishioners and groups as possible to see what you would like for Boddington, and how, where it is within our power, the PC can help with that.

Footpaths, Bridleways, Rights of Way, General Open Spaces, Fly tipping, Roadside Waste, Litter & Graffiti, Dog Control & Dog Waste, Parking, Traffic calming / speeding, Liaison with WNC and Street Doctor, Complaints, Noticeboards and Noticeboard Keyholders

Sally Jones


I grew up in south London, studied Mechanical Engineering at Loughborough University and worked for 16 years building and improving the operation of power stations across the globe, before stopping to have a family.

My family and I moved to Boddington 10 years ago.  I care about Boddington and want the best for our community. 

Many parishioners give their time to enhance village life both individually and in groups and I want the parish council to support all these efforts as much as possible.

I would like to improve communication between parishioners and parish council, ensuring everyone can contribute and improving understanding of what Parish Councils can (and cannot) do. We have been elected to represent all parishioners, and I hope none will feel ignored.

I am keen to improve working relationships with others – such as our neighbouring councils and the new unitary authority – to find the best way to provide services and resolve issues expeditiously .

Footpaths, Bridleways, Rights of Way, General Open Spaces, Parking, Traffic calming / speeding, Liaison with WNC and Street Doctor, Church Liaison, School Liaison

Bertie Allonby Briggs

I’m 60 this August, I have lived in Lower Boddington with my wife Sarah for 5 years. I have two grown children from a previous marriage and 2 grand-children.

I have lived all my adult life in rural Northamptonshire, and spent almost 40 years as an architectural designer.

I’m passionate about good quality well designed buildings and how they work. I view my self as a problem solver through good design and love bringing a disused or badly designed building back to life.

My second passion is classic cars, I own far too many and my hobby has become a business.   I now run local classic car storage and national delivery service specialising in classic cars.

I love living in The Boddingtons and wish to do what I can to help keep the wonderful community it is. I have been a member of The Friends of Boddington since inception helping Philip Freer and others get the most out of a bad situation with HS2.

There are so many lovely people living among us and I want to do my bit to keep it a fantastic place to call home.

Monitoring levels of rock salt for 3 adopted grit bins, Planning applications, planning policy, local plan, HS2 Liaison

Chris Colles

I am a retired veterinary surgeon having worked in specialist equine practice for 45 years. We moved to Boddington in 1989. Bringing up four children in the village, we have experienced many joys and problems of rural life, whilst encouraging the children to follow their own interests. 

We have greatly enjoyed the Boddington community, but have been saddened by the recent divisions in the parish. HS2 has become dominant, and led to other issues being ignored. It is devastating local farms, and woods, and is beginning to impact on local traffic. We need to support “Friends of Boddington” in their efforts to mitigate the damage HS2 is causing.

I hope to bring some common sense and fairness to the parish problems. I believe council needs to listen to resident’s problems and aspirations, and be more open in explaining its decisions, making compromises to help the parish develop.  

Trees, shrubs, ditches and grass cutting, Burial Grounds & War Memorial, Footways, pavements, verges., Church Liaison

James Copeman

I have lived in Lower Boddington for over 40 years, so have seen a lot of changes in the village over that time and I have the interests of the village very much at heart.  I intend to ensure that Lower is represented on a united and constructive Parish Council, which will represent the best interests of the whole community by working with the other village organisations too.

With regard to Lower, I would like to keep up the search for a suitable piece of land for a children’s playground and do my best to ensure minimal disruption from the HS2 works.

Boddington has so much going for it and we need to take care of what we are lucky enough to have.

HS2 Liaison

Karen Lee

I have lived in Upper Boddington with my husband Richard since 1993, bringing up our two children here. My ‘day job’ is Professional Services director of ESG Global (Energy) ltd, and I also sit on the board of the Smart Energy Company ltd. I bring experience of working with a variety of colleagues with different backgrounds and skillsets; of listening, campaigning and challenging; of setting and working within appropriate budgets; of HR; of regulation and compliance; and of the current and future needs and challenges within the Parish of Boddington.

My purpose in joining the Parish Council is to ensure that all voices are heard, equally, across the full extent of the Parish. That requires providing different routes via which opinions can be communicated, and listening to those opinions before making decisions.

Roadsite Seats at the School a& Buckle, Street lighting., Risk Management & Health and Safety, School Liaison, Noticeboards and Noticeboard Keyholders

Stuart Nichols

I moved to the village 36 years ago to Highlands Farm milking cows and selling untreated milk to the local area.  Being a farmer I have always being interested in the welfare of the countryside. Having the waste business now also gives me the opportunity to meet people of all walks of life. 

I used to help with a small committee organising Boddington Ball donating the money to the Church, Chapel , Village Hall, Playgroup and School. I have always enjoyed being part of the village activities.      

HS2 is a huge disruption to the area.. but with the grants available hopefully we can continue to improve both villages still making it an attractive place to live.  

I was on the Parish Council 20 years ago always having the village interest at heart.. and will always continue to do so..  If anybody has any issues regarding the village .. you know I am very approachable.   

Mark Thompson

have lived in the village for 17 years with my wife, Wendy.  You may have seen us on the gate at the Vintage Ploughing Competition, with Byfield Scouts or at Woodford FC.

We have three children and an Old English Sheepdog. I trained as a Physicist, ran a software consultancy for 18 years and recently joined Cabinet Office as Technology Director.

Following the first meeting of the new Parish Council, I have picked up a number of responsibilities, which include the Joint Recreation Group, social media, footpaths, verges, and the bus shelter!  My approach will be to support all who wish to make a positive contribution to our village whilst ensuring that the council continues to make incremental improvements to our local environment for the benefit of everyone.

I have been overwhelmed by your greetings and warm wishes since the election – so thank you and I look forward to representing you.

Bus Shelter, Trees, shrubs, ditches and grass cutting, Footways, pavements, verges., Social Media and Website Communications

Council Officers

Lesley Johnson

Burial Grounds & War Memorial, Street lighting., Planning applications, planning policy, local plan, Risk Management & Health and Safety, Complaints, Finance, Grant Applications, Social Media and Website Communications

Malcolm Stewart

Finance, Grant Applications

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