Pot Holes

At the meeting on Wednesday 2nd June the Parish Council discussed the increasing issue of pot-holes on local roads. Whilst this is not the responsibility of the Parish Council (as the responsibility sits with the Unitary Authority and the Highways department), all councillors share the frustrations of the local community about the current state of our roads. This frustration is also shared by our new local councillor, Alison Eastwood, who has committed to doing what she can to escalate our concerns.

The best way to get action on a variety of issues that are the responsibility of the Unitary Authority is to report them via Street Doctor, which is the Local Authorities public reporting system. You are likely to be directed to report your issue via https://fixmystreet.northamptonshire.gov.uk/ It is very quick and easy to use, and the more reports that are logged about the same issue, the greater the chance of getting it fixed. 

Topics covered by Street Doctor include pot-holes, rights of way, fallen trees and branches, gritting etc. But the website also provides links for other issues which should be logged in different ways, including speeding, fly tipping and abandoned vehicles (amongst other things). By using Street Doctor you will be directed to the relevant website, your report will be logged appropriately, it will go to the right team and you will receive progress updates. Issues reported will be looked at initially within 5 working days to determine what further action may be required.

Please continue to raise issues via Street Doctor as quickly and often as you can in order to help improve our environment for the benefit of all Parishioners.

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