PC Statement Feb 21

The Parish Council met by zoom on Wednesday 3rd February.  Councillors were delighted to learn of the litter picking done by a number of people – Charlie Hilton as part of her Duke of Edinburgh award and her sister Josie, Megan and Reuben Parkhouse, Mike Noble and Katherine Clarke. Well done and thank you to all of you!   Anyone who wishes to do their part in keeping the village clean is welcome to borrow the Parish Council owned litter picking equipment. Just contact Cllr Sally Jones (T: 264125)

However, sadly, it is reported that there has been an increase in the amount of dog waste left by the roadside or paths.  In Upper Boddington in particular, it is frequently seen along the verge and fencing of Poplars Fields stables at the lower end of Townsend Lane and along the Chapel Path.  Councillors urge dog walkers to keep their dogs under supervision whilst within the boundaries of the villages and clean up after them using the bins that are now available.

With the cold weather and icy conditions, the grit bins in the villages are an essential resource for the public highway.  Councillors wish to remind parishioners that the grit is for use on the public highways and footpaths ONLY and is not for private use.  Some of the bins are owned and filled by the Parish Council – the bins are clearly marked as to ownership – and the cost of filling them falls to the Parish Council and therefore is paid for through your council tax precept.  Please do NOT use the grit for your own property.

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