No Dogs on Charles Cowper Playing Field

Please note, dogs are no longer allowed on the Charles Cowper Playing Field (CCPF),

The Parish Council has given much thought and discussion to this issue.  It believes the decision to be in the best interests of all those using the CCPF.

The installation of the excellent new playground equipment has significantly increased the number of visitors to the field.  The combination of many excited children and understandably exuberant dogs is one that poses a real risk - to the children, to the dogs and those responsible for them.


There is the additional risk to health posed by dogs fouling the field.  The Parish Council recognises that the majority of owners and walkers are responsible, they bag and bin whatever the dog in their charge may leave on the field, but there are occasions when despite best intentions this gets missed.  There are, unfortunately, those anti-social enough to leave the fouling on the field. Recent clear-up exercises revealed many examples of dog fouling throughout the field, some in and around the play equipment.  CCTV is now in operation monitoring the field.  Anti-social behaviour will be observed and recorded.

The Parish Council recognises there will be disappointment with this decision, but believes that in Upper and Lower Boddington there is access to footpaths and open spaces for dog walkers that mitigate the loss of the Charles Cowper Field.