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Click here for how to contact the local police 

Contact details for the Northants Police are available here

You can find details of the Brackley South Team here and further local information.

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Northants Police and Crime Commissioner

Contact details for the Office of the Northants Police & Crime Commissioner are available here

You can find out about the role of the PCC and their priorities here.

Contacting the police in Northants

Contacting the police in Northants

When to contact 999 or 101 and contact details for local police in Brackley and Towcester.  You can also download this information here.

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Warwickshire Police Warning

Warwickshire Police Warning

WARWICKSHIRE Police has issued a warning to motorists after a number of suspicious incidents in the south of the county and across the border into Gloucestershire.

The incidents involve a blue BMW posing as a police vehicle which has tried to force other cars off the road.

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Fake emails

Fake emails

This alert is a reminder to be aware of emails that appear to have been sent from a legitimate organisation.

Fraudsters often use fake email addresses designed to encourage recipients to open attachments or links. You are advised that if you are in any doubt as to the origin of an email, do not open it. Consider that emails can be spoofed and used to generate spam to recipients far and wide. If you receive a spam email, you MUST NOT open it. Instead, delete it from your email system to avoid infecting your device. If you have opened an attachment from a spam email, you should get your device checked over by a professional and change the passwords for all your bank, email and online shopping accounts.

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Pension Awareness

HMRC have advised that from April 2015, people over the age of 55 will be given the flexibility of taking a number of smaller lump sum pension pots. 25% of the sum will be tax-free, with the remaining pension fund charged at marginal rate of income tax.

If you take out money from your pension fund before the age of 55, the normal tax rules apply. We are concerned that fraudsters will take advantage of these rule changes by offering to invest pensions on the victim’s behalf. Be very wary of such offers.

Avoid losing your hard-earned cash:

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Get Safe Online

Get Safe Online, Safer Jobs and Action Fraud are warning people to take precautions whilst looking for jobs online, to avoid falling victim to scammers.

There are a number of different ways in which job-seekers could be defrauded. These range from direct financial scams to misleading job descriptions.

Safer-Jobs, the recruitment industry’s counter fraud forum, provide free advice to ensure that people have a safer job search. They suggest several steps which any other job-seeker should take when dealing with a potential employer:

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Don't Fall prey to fraudsters

Police are reminding people that, under no circumstances, should they give their bank details to anyone who has phoned them, no matter who they claim to be.

In the past offenders have claimed to be police officers investigating a fraud and ask for the victims’ card and bank details so they can check with the bank. They also tell the victims they will send a courier to pick up their bank card and any cash they may have recently withdrawn, in case it is counterfeit.

Another ploy used by the criminals is to persuade the victims to make an online transfer of cash.

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New Facewatch App

New Facewatch App set to bring CCTV images to your phone

An effective new app designed to allow members of the public help solve crime, has been launched in Northamptonshire by Facewatch.

In the relentless pursuit to detect crime, Northamptonshire Police anticipate that the application – which has been developed by Facewatch – will allow members of the public to view images and CCTV shots on their phone or an internet browser and help identify people they recognise at the click of a button.

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Dementia Volunteers Needed

Neighbourhood and Home Watch Network has received funding from the National Lottery to run a scheme in Northamptonshire which aims to help carers and people with dementia who have got lost. We are fore-runners with this project which is being heavily evaluated by the lottery to see if it could be rolled out nationally, so keen not to let the county down, we are determined to try and make it work as effectively as possible, and need your help.

The scheme involves local volunteers with a mobile phone signing up to the Neighbourhood Return.

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CAB advice on cold callers

New research conducted by the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) shows 3 in 5 people surveyed were pestered by calls, emails and spam texts from claims management companies within a week [14 November]

CAB’s new report The Claims Pests exposes how claims management companies harass people in their homes in order to get a £2 billion cut of payment protection insurance (PPI) compensation. PPI was originally sold alongside loans, mortgages and credit cards, wrongly in many cases, to cover repayments if people became ill or lost their jobs.

The new figures found 9 out of 10 surveyed had been contacted out of the blue by a claims management company within the last 12 months. 72% were about making a claim for PPI.

You can claim yourself for free Citizens Advice is urging consumers to put the phone down on these cold callers and go straight to their bank to make a claim.

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Cold Callers

Information sent on behalf of Northamptonshire Police Community Connect

Never pass on your bank details to cold callers Following reports of two recent incidents, we are reminding people to make sure they never give out any part of their bank details to anyone who cold calls or when you are not entirely confident with who you are dealing with.

In an incident reported today, a person claiming to be from BT told the householder there was an outstanding amount of £5 owing on their telephone bill. They were given the option to pay this relatively small about by card, thereby giving the caller their card details, including the security code. The caller then went on to try and order goods over the phone using the card. Fortunately, the sales person became suspicious and was able to contact the genuine cardholder. The card was cancelled and no loss was incurred.

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