Cold Callers

Information sent on behalf of Northamptonshire Police Community Connect

Never pass on your bank details to cold callers Following reports of two recent incidents, we are reminding people to make sure they never give out any part of their bank details to anyone who cold calls or when you are not entirely confident with who you are dealing with.

In an incident reported today, a person claiming to be from BT told the householder there was an outstanding amount of £5 owing on their telephone bill. They were given the option to pay this relatively small about by card, thereby giving the caller their card details, including the security code. The caller then went on to try and order goods over the phone using the card. Fortunately, the sales person became suspicious and was able to contact the genuine cardholder. The card was cancelled and no loss was incurred.


In another incident reported earlier this month, a man claiming to work for the Government called and asked for the householder’s bank details so a cash rebate could be paid to them. The man told them he just needed the last part of their account number and he would be able to reimburse them. They refused to give any details, at which point the man hung up.

Please be aware of this type of fraud and pass the message on to friends and family.

Never share personal information unless you are completely sure you know who you are dealing with and never when you have been cold called. The advice is to be cautious about any unsolicited call. Genuine callers will not pressurise people into making commitments they are not comfortable with and remember that your bank will only ever ask for specific characters within your password, not the whole password.

If you are not sure, check the caller’s telephone number and call them back if you believe them to be genuine.

If you or anyone you know thinks they may have been victim of a crime involving a cold caller, please report it to police on 101.