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Latest News

Parish Plan

Dear Parishioner

I am very pleased to announce the publication of the Boddington Parish Plan.

The Plan document sets out the Parish Council's developing strategy and action plans on areas including community. facilities and leisure, housing, traffic and road safety and green and open spaces. The conclusions, strategy and action plans are informed and shaped by the results of the Parish Plan Questionnaire which are included in full in the document.

The Parish Plan is, and will remain, a work in progress. evolving through experience and continued consultation with you, the parishioners of Boddington.

I would like to thank Dr Malcolm Stewart for his outstanding effort in collating comprehensive background information on the Parish, the questionnaire results and our strategy and plans into this single document.

Dr Dennis Burton

Chairman, Boddington Parish Council

Download Boddington Parish Plan

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Caroline Sheers

Caroline Sheers is the representative for the Village Hall Committee on the Parish Plan Steering Group

Why have I volunteered and what can I bring to the parish plan process?

The Village Hall Committee has representatives of all the Village Groups that use the Hall. Together we are keen to see that the Parish Plan process fairly and transparently consults with all parishioners and directly uses that information to identify the priorities for Boddington. We want a Plan which enables all efforts, assets and resources to be focused on ensuring that a strong, vibrant and supportive community environment continues to flourish across all generations.

We have lived in Boddington for over 21 years and have brought up our two children here.  I have worked as a Government Economist, a Management Consultant, a Corporate Strategist and have run a Mergers and Acquisitions Team, and we now run a Web Design & Computer Programming Business.   I have also previously been Chair of Governors at Boddington School.