Garry Williams

Garry Williams is the Parish Councillor Representative for Upper Boddington on the Parish Plan Steering Group


I volunteered to offer my experience with the Parish Council, school, church and business to help us to achieve a consensus on the future direction of the village.

My wife Wendy, our two children and I moved into Upper Boddington eighteen years ago, so yes, newcomers! Both children attended the school and benefited from the great start it has given to so many. I was a governor of the school for six years, Chair from 2000 to 2004 during the time of expansion and building.

Within the Parish Council I’m responsible for liaison with the church and I have just taken up the second Parish Council seat on the Jubilee Field Management Group. I’ve just retired from Ford Motor Company after a forty two year career during which we have been fortunate to live and work all over world. Among the many roles I have enjoyed; Finance, Legal and IT Director of Jaguar Land Rover Volvo in Australia and New Zealand, Manager of European Internal Control and Chairman of the Ford Motor Company Ltd Company Pension Funds are the most recent.

Parish Plan Questions & Answers

Parish Plan Steering Group Minutes

The following Parish Plan Steering Group Minutes are available to download.

28th Feb 2017 minutes 28 02 2017
4th Jan 2017 PPSG Minutes 04 01 2017
14th Dec 2016 PPSG Minutes 14 12 2016
15th Nov 2016 Minutes 15.11.2016
12th Oct 2016 Minutes 12.10.2016
26th Sep 2016 Minutes 26.09.2016


What is a Parish Plan?

A Parish Plan provides the local vision based on how residents would like to see the parish change, and protected, in coming years.

Our Plan will reflect the views of parishioners in both Upper and Lower Boddington. Once completed it will set out priorities for the community and will assist the Parish Council in future decision making, based on evidence of what the community wants for the parish.

It is quite possible that some further consultation will be needed with respect to how best to deliver some of the priorities.

Why does Boddington need a Parish Plan?

There are likely to be differing views among residents regarding what might be best for the parish and its parishioners in the future. Having a Parish Plan ensures that all decisions made by the Parish Council relating to use of village assets and amenities are made on the basis of clear evidence of what the majority of the community want for the parish. The Parish Plan will also highlight other matters that require attention as a priority.

What period will the Parish Plan cover?

There is no set period for the Parish Plan to cover. The Parish Plan, unlike a Neighbourhood Plan, is not linked to South Northants Council’s Local Plan. It is up to the Parish Council to decide when it wants to review the priorities contained
within the final Parish Plan. Good practice would suggest every 5 years.

How long will it take to achieve everything in the Parish Plan?

At this stage it is not possible to say. That depends on a variety of factors such as what needs to be delivered, how straightforward the outcomes are to achieve, whether there is a need for further consultation, funding etc….. Some priorities will no doubt be achieved quickly, others will take longer.

How will HS2 affect the Parish Plan?

Any decisions relating to HS2 will not affect the development of the Parish Plan itself as the Parish Plan sets out what the community wants for the Parish. The Parish Plan cannot allocate any land for development. It is when planning applications are submitted to the Local Authority for new development in the parish that the implications of HS2, and possible impact on applications made, will be assessed.

Who is ultimately responsible for the Parish Plan?

The Parish Council is ultimately responsible for the completed Parish Plan. A Steering Group has been formed to steer the process in order to increase reporting and accountability within the overall process. Clear Terms of Governance have been agreed with the Parish Council and can be seen on the parish plan website.

When will it be complete?

The projected completion date is July 2017.

What comes next?

A questionnaire will be delivered to all in the parish over the age of 18 during January. Following this there will be a consultation feedback event, followed by the completion of the Parish Plan early next summer.

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