Play equipment safety report

The annual inspection of the play equipment in the CCPF was completed on 16 June 2016. There were some minor issues raised and as some of these are due to changes in HSE requirements since the play equipment was installed the inspector was asked for guidance as to how the parish council should address these issues as it would be very difficult and costly for any play equipment owner to make changes every time there is a change to the HSE requirements. 

The response received was:

The issues noted are partly due to installation issues (roundabout clearance) and partly due to a change in the standards (head and neck openings).

The recommendations within our report are quite clear in where we suggest action is taken; What you need to look at is what remedial action is detailed for each finding. You will see on the attached report that we have not recommended any action for the entrapments for these very reasons - the risk ratings are all low (or very low) for these compliance findings and the remedial actions are all 'monitor use' which basically means that no action is necessary unless there is any evidence of accidents in the future.

The expectations of the Courts and HSE would be that non-compliances are risk assessed, and that action is taken only where risk assessment suggests that it should be; this is what we have detailed within this report.

If any new equipment is installed then obviously this should comply fully to the current standards.

You can download the inspection report here: