Damage to Hedges on Parish Open Spaces

The Parish Council wishes to remind you that pedestrian entry and exit to the Charles Cowper Playing Field (CCPF) and Jubilee Field (JF) must be made via the field gateways and official footpaths. 

The Parish Council has commissioned repairs to hedges bordering both fields.  The repairs are necessary to close unapproved gaps that had been made in the hedges to, presumably, provide shortcuts into and out of the fields.  The gap on the CCPF leads onto private land, the gap on JF leads down a steep bank straight onto Townsend Lane.  Neither gap offers appropriate, safe, entry and exit to the fields. 

The repair of such gaps brings an unwelcome cost to the Parish.  May we ask anybody seeking to re-establish these shortcuts to cease and desist.

Thank you for your co-operation.