HS2 Ltd Ground Investigation Works

E-mail received from HS2 Ltd regarding works in Boddington:

I am writing to confirm that we will be undertaking Ground Investigation works around Upper and Lower Boddington. This work is due to start on the 26th September and will continue for approximately 5 weeks.

As part of the investigations, we will be undertaking pavement cores on Banbury Road, Boddington Road and Warwick Road, near Lower Boddington during this period. Whilst the pavement cores are being undertaken, there will be a manned ‘Stop/Go’ sign which will be in operation to control the flow of traffic. I thought that you would like to be informed of this work, as it may affect some of your local residents who regularly use this road.

We are sending notifications to local residents which will go out towards the end of this week.

If a member of the public does contact you about these works, we have a helpline who will be able to answer their enquiries. The number for the helpline is: 020 7944 4908. This number will also be on the notifications.