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Boddington Parish Councillors

Sally Jones

Sally Jones

Joe Street

JoeStreet 1

Joe Street

Vice Chairman and Representative of Lower Boddington Ward

I have lived for 24 years in the Parish and I semi-retired 2 years ago from the position of Managing Director of Fine Lady Bakeries, one of the UK's leading industrial bakers.

Dennis Burton

Dennis Burton

Dennis Burton


I retired from Byfield Medical Centre two years ago, and it was my privilege to look after many of you throughout my time there. Having lived and worked in Boddington and the surrounding area for 30 years, I am delighted to have the opportunity to get involved with the Parish Council and give something back to the village which I love and which has been my home for so many years. I am especially keen to try to improve communication with the villagers and help them understand the importance of having our own Parish Council representing our views in local matters.

Jolyon New

Jolyon New

Jolyon New

Representative of Upper Boddington Ward

I have lived in both Upper and Lower Boddington for the majority of my 40 years, my children are the 4th generation in our family to enjoy village life here and attend the local primary school, as I did (albeit many years ago!).

I have been running a successful retail establishment in Banbury for the last 10 years that has been trading for nearly 40 years and currently employs over 15 full time people. I believe the management, team building and people skills required for this will help on the council.

I passionately believe that we need to take responsibility for ensuring that Boddington is a great place to live for current and future generations. If we, as a community, look after our village we will all benefit, socially, financially and environmentally.

Olivia Davies

Olivia Davies

Olivia Davies

Having lived in Frog Lane, Upper Boddington for over 6 years I finally agreed it was time to stand for Parish Council! My husband Gary & I chose to raise a child here and therefore have an interest in both the current workings and the inevitable evolution of the village - ensuring that the community spirit that makes the villages of Upper & Lower Boddington unique is maintained and nurtured via the spaces and facilities that are on offer.

Larry Gane

Larry Gane

Larry Gane

I am a retired Managing Director living in Frog Lane. I came to here in 2007 after a lifetime of living in a large city, this quickly made me realise what a special place Boddington is. By joining the Parish Council I want to be able to help keep not only what we have, but also to ensure that we move forward and try to make the future even better for everyone.

Pat Stewart

Pat Stewart

Garry Williams

Garry Williams

Garry Williams

I moved into the village with my wife, Wendy and two children in 1998 when I transferred to a job with Ford Motor Company based in Daventry, so yes, still a newcomer! The children went to Boddington School, benefitting from the great start it has provided to so many. Since we moved here I've been posted to different jobs both far, Australia, and near, Essex, but we've kept Boddington as our home. We are very, very, happy here.

County Connect

County Connect Bus Service Under Threat

Northamptonshire County Council are currently consulting on removing all money paid to subsidise public transport in the county. If this proposal is confirmed after consultation, the County Connect bus service would end during 2018 and it is likely that many rural parts of the county will have either no or limited public transport in place.

Cllr Ian Morris, County Council cabinet member for transport, highways and environment, said: “We understand that these proposals would have a big impact on the public and are changes in policy that we are bringing forward with a heavy heart".

“However the financial situation in which the county finds itself in is so severe, we are having to make proposals that we really don’t want to make".

“As has been widely reported we have made representations to government under the Fairer Funding campaign and believe that we need more money from central funds if we are to provide the standard of services in the county that the people of Northamptonshire really deserve.”

If you would like to comment on these proposals, you can email the County Council: or you can write to:

Draft Budget and Council Plan Consultation,
Northamptonshire County Council,
One Angel Square, Northampton,
NN1 1ED.

Latest Financial Information

Financial information is now available to downloadfor the last financial year. The audit report and detailed income and expenditure accounts are also available.


Notice of Conclusion of Audit

NOTICE is hereby given that the audit for the year ended 31 March 2017 was completed on 27 July 2017 and the accounts are now available for inspection by local electors in accordance with Section 25 of the Local Audit and Accountability Act 2014.  As the requisite information as defined by Section 13(1) of the Accounts and Audit Regulations is not displayed alongside this notice, it is available for inspection either from the parish website or by appointment.

To arrange a viewing appointment please contact:
Dr Malcolm Stewart,
Responsible Finance Officer
24A Frog Lane,
Upper Boddington
Between the hours of 09:00 and 17:00

 Download here

Priorities for the Parish


Boddington Parish

Find out what is going on and get involved.

In April 2014 Boddington Parish Council said a fond farewell to some stalwart members and welcomed a host of new councillors with a wide range and breadth of skills and experience, and an even broader range of ages and backgrounds! We represent a wide demographic of the community which means that all areas of concern are raised and addressed, from repairing playground equipment, to road safety, to community transport any many more issues besides.

With an accumulated residency in excess of a hundred years in the Boddingtons, one thing that the Parish Councillors do have in common is a passion for the area; an area which they they wish to preserve and protect for future generations

This means that whilst maintaining day to day tasks that make life for parishioners as easy and comfortable as possible such as ensuring that street lighting is on, footpaths, roads and open spaces are managed, and the area is kept safe and cohesive, we also believe it is imperative that any investments - no matter how large or small - provide sustainable, long term benefits to the parish as a whole. Alongside the wishes of the community, we address- and will continue to address - impending forces such as housing, HS2, wind farms and planning. We will shortly be embarking on a mass community consultation - the results from which will formulate a strategic plan for the Boddingtons, so put your thinking caps on and look out for announcements in the Black and White.

Its also important to note that all members of the public are welcome (and encouraged) to attend the Parish Council meetings, held on the first Wednesday of each month at Upper Boddington Village Hall. Agendas are pinned on the notice boards in Upper and Lower Boddington a week in advance so whether you would like to participate or simply sit in and listen, please come along!

Street Doctor

Report Potholes

Report potholes to Street Doctor

The only way to get something done about potholes is to report them to Street Doctor.  Northamptonshire County Council have responsibility for repairing the potholes but they allocate resources according to need and a set of criteria for how dangerous the potholes are.  However we all need to report them, then they will check out the priority and repair them.  You can also find out the status of any repairs or plans to repair the roads in your vicinity by going to Street Doctor.


Turbine Fund Grant

The Community Benefit Fund (known as the Turbine Fund as it is income from the wind turbine) allocated to Boddington Parish Council is calculated by ‘The Ingenious Group’ annually. The base amount is £2500 and they usually increase this based on inflation. The payment is received in April and the funds must only be used for projects that will enhance the community and cannot be used for day to day expenses such as grass cutting and street lighting.

In order to ensure that this fund is fairly allocated to the community, Boddington Parish Council has agreed a grants awarding policy which sets out the criteria and timescales involved for organisations to apply for some of this fund.

The timescales set out in the policy are based on a financial year where the fund is available at the beginning of the year. As this policy has only just been introduced the funds for the financial year 2016-2017 are still available and the parish council welcome applications from any interested groups. Any applications received will be considered at the next parish council meeting, as stated in the policy, until the fund is exhausted.



Boddington Villages


Welcome to Boddington

Boddington comprises the villages of Upper and Lower Boddington which nestle in the beautiful South Northamptonshire countryside on the borders of Oxfordshire and Warwickshire.  

Centrally located within commuting distance of London and Birmingham it offers the best of living in a thriving community with the practicality of working lives.

What is happening on Jubilee Field

Jubilee Field

The Jubilee Field was purchased by the Parish Council for the benefit of the community. It's development is managed by the Jubilee Field Committee.

Considerable work has been undertaken to clear the field and to place a number of seats around the Field.

The Jubilee Field Management Committee (JMG) is made up of the following:

Councillor Garry Williams - Chair
Councillor Mike Wakelin
Mrs. Mary Clugston
Mrs. Kaz Faulkener
Mrs. Sally Jones
Ms. Jeanette Mills
Mrs. Pam Stokes
Mrs. Kathy Gulliver