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Boddington Bugle Issue 1

Boddington Bugle Issue 1

Please see the first issue of the Boddington Bugle

Boddington Bugle Issue 1 May/June 2018

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Boddington Street Lights

The Parish Council has been advised that the current amber street lights will no longer be manufactured after 2019 and manufacturers' stocks for replacements are very low. We will be considering this issue but meantime the faulty light outside no 26 Frog Lane is being replaced with a wide angle soft white LED lamp. This will give parishioners the opportunity to see what could be available in future. There are lots of variations in colour and brightness so please send us feedback on what you think about this particular replacement and any other concerns you have about our street lights.

LEDs are much more energy efficient so will cost a lot less to run. In addition they are guaranteed by the contractor for a year, then by the manufacturer for 10 years so maintenance costs will be much reduced.

Councillor Pat Stewart. 

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Parish Plan

Dear Parishioner

I am very pleased to announce the publication of the Boddington Parish Plan.

The Plan document sets out the Parish Council's developing strategy and action plans on areas including community. facilities and leisure, housing, traffic and road safety and green and open spaces. The conclusions, strategy and action plans are informed and shaped by the results of the Parish Plan Questionnaire which are included in full in the document.

The Parish Plan is, and will remain, a work in progress. evolving through experience and continued consultation with you, the parishioners of Boddington.

I would like to thank Dr Malcolm Stewart for his outstanding effort in collating comprehensive background information on the Parish, the questionnaire results and our strategy and plans into this single document.

Dr Dennis Burton

Chairman, Boddington Parish Council


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FOB Updates

Please see the reports provided to the Parish Council Meetings 


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Report Potholes

Report Potholes

Report potholes to Street Doctor

The only way to get something done about potholes is to report them to Street Doctor.  Northamptonshire County Council have responsibility for repairing the potholes but they allocate resources according to need and a set of criteria for how dangerous the potholes are.  However we all need to report them, then they will check out the priority and repair them.  You can also find out the status of any repairs or plans to repair the roads in your vicinity by going to Street Doctor.


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