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  • Welcome

    Welcome to Boddington

    Boddington comprises the villages of Upper and Lower Boddington which nestle in the beautiful South Northamptonshire countryside on the borders of Oxfordshire and Warwickshire.  

    Centrally located within commuting distance of London and Birmingham it offers the best of living in a thriving community with the practicality of working lives.

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  • FOB Updates

    Please see the reports provided to the Parish Council Meetings 


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  • Boddington Street Lights

    The Parish Council has been advised that the current amber street lights will no longer be manufactured after 2019 and manufacturers' stocks for replacements are very low. We will be considering this issue but meantime the faulty light outside no 26 Frog Lane is being replaced with a wide angle soft white LED lamp. This will give parishioners the opportunity to see what could be available in future. There are lots of variations in colour and brightness so please send us feedback on what you think about this particular replacement and any other concerns you have about our street lights.

    LEDs are much more energy efficient so will cost a lot less to run. In addition they are guaranteed by the contractor for a year, then by the manufacturer for 10 years so maintenance costs will be much reduced.

    Councillor Pat Stewart. 

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  • Boddington Bugle Issue 1

    Please see the first issue of the Boddington Bugle

    Boddington Bugle Issue 1 May/June 2018

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Latest News


Boddington Walk

Local Walks around Boddington

Follow the local walk around Boddington

You can see the evidence of history as it still remains in the architechture of some of the old dwellings, and enjoy the beauty of lovely countryside. You can download a printable version of the map and commentary

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A History of Boddington

10 to 12 Shillings a week with beer!

The spelling of Boddington has changed over the centuries from Botendon in Domesday Book (1086) through Bottelendon (12th century Survey of Northamptonshire), and Budinton in the Calendar of Close Rolls (1244) to Botyngdon (1358), Botyndoun (1396) and Botyngdon (1428). When it became established as Boddington we do not know, but on some 19th century maps it was spelled with only one d. The origin of the name could be Botas Hill (dun) or, as Baker surmises, it could be compounded of Boten, a contraction of the Saxon plural of botl, a habitation, and dune or done, a down, which corresponds with the situation of the upper village.

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